Export Grades to Excel

How to export the Moodle gradebook into an Excel spreadsheet

Last Updated: June 20th, 2022


10 years worth of Archived Courses‍ are kept as part of the College's data management and legal archiving requirements. 5 terms worth of classes are kept "active" and available within Moodle so that instructors can refer back to a previous class and/or import materials into the next term.

If you would like to keep personal copies of your gradebook or have the grades in a more readily available format to share or email, please export your grades.

To export grades from the gradebook:

  1. Click on Grades inside your Moodle course.
    Grade button in the left-hand navigation menu in your course.
  2. Click on Export.
    Export tab at the top in the Gradebook.
  3. Select the type of file you want to export your gradebook as, and make sure that all grade items you want included are checked.
    Export Gradebook page. Types of files to choose from are OpenDocument, Plain text file, excel file, and xml file.
  4. Click Download.

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