Setting up a Permanent Moodle Shell

Steps that a College Now professor can use to avoid new course shells each term

Last Updated: May 31st, 2022

Most of the college's classes operate on a very traditional 11-Week term-by-term schedule (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Special programs like College Now often need to operate outside of these dates and it's often easier to manually manage the course start/end dates along with enrollment. 

Steps for using Permanent Moodle Shells for Coursework:

  1. You will need to setup your Moodle shell the way you want it. If you email and Jim Bailey they can help you load backup files from Jim.
  2. Your students need to complete a College Now application and receive an L# if they don't have one already.
  3. Your students will need to provide their L#s to you so you can manually add your students to your Moodle shell.
  4. During the grading period, we will build a CRN for you. If your students want to receive college credit for the course, they will need to register for that CRN. This CRN will automatically create another Moodle moodle shell for you, but you can ignore it and leave it invisible to the students.


Please double check your myLane class lists when you are sure all of your students have registered. If you don't see a student, they have not registered for your class. Please email if you have registration issues.

  1. To keep your MoodleShell running well you will need to delete your student data periodically (removing the student does not remove their data). We suggest before you setup your MoodleShell each year you follow these steps:
    1. Backup your Moodle Shell. It is a good idea to do this when you make major changes as well. Permanent Moodle shells are not automatically archived by IT.
    2. Reset your Moodle Shell. This will purge all of the data on the Moodle Shell including your curriculum and student data, resetting it to blank again. 
    3. Restore your Moodle Shell with your backup file.

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